The Peddler

The Peddler is a one-piece, lightweight exercise device for facilitating blood circulation in the lower extremities of a person’s legs and feet.


Handy Cane Base

The base that helps your cane stand by you. Retrofit your “fall over” cane today!


Walker Balls

From Wisconsin, Walker Balls help you move forward!

"Our son Caleb was diagnosed with CP as a young child. Last year in the spring he had to have his heel cords lengthened via surgery. Since then we have worked rehab daily to keep his ankles "loose". After deciding to use the Peddler to see if it would help him, we noticed that it did in fact assist him learning to keep his balance better when he walks. It also is useful in keeping his muscles and tendons in his foot stretched on a daily basis. Not only that but he seems to enjoy his therapy just a little more now. his gym teacher has even noticed an improvement in his mobility and speed when he runs. Thank you so much for such a wonderful device! Oh yeah, our daughter who is 5 loves to dance and plays with it every chance she gets. We figured if it helped her with balance, why not let her try it too!"