The Peddler

The Peddler is a one-piece, lightweight exercise device for facilitating blood circulation in the lower extremities of a person’s legs and feet.


Handy Cane Base

The base that helps your cane stand by you. Retrofit your “fall over” cane today!


Walker Balls

From Wisconsin, Walker Balls help you move forward!

"One night my husband I were at Marty's Place North for dinner - Andrea came to me with "The Peddler". She knew I did many travels so she gave me the "The Peddler" and a day later my husband and I were heading west, so I took it with us. Each day I used "The Peddler". We went to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Kalispel, Montana. I peddled all the way and at night my legs felt great. I had several varicosity surgeries and many evenings my legs hurt - not so with "The Peddler". This piece of exercise equipment was used for lots of miles and I am convinced that "The Peddler" helped me at night. I wish I would have had it when we went to Africa, Australia and Europe. It is so relaxing and easy to use. I even use it when I am watching Badger and Packer football games. Try it - You will like it!"